Remembrance Day

by admin on 5 November 2016

Remembrance Day means different things to different people.

Everybody’s feelings are coloured by their experiences and everyone’s experiences are different.

Our Remembrance started after WW1.

I’m sure other, earlier wars, resulted in people having the same feelings and the same needs which we now express on Remembrance Day.

Two of my monologues touch on war and remembrance.

My Agincourt Archer reflects on his experiences in his war and on the aftermath the war wrought on his mind. His story was written purely out of historical and literary references to the war, overlaid with my assumptions on how an ordinary soldier experienced war and how he might have felt about it. Shakespeare was only a minor help in the narrative.


My Kilted Tommy reflects from a different perspective on his war.

DSCF0502 DSCF0590

The fact that he is my maternal Grandfather shed a completely new and personal light on Remembrance Day.

We know very little about his actual experience and thoughts. Like many other soldiers he kept things to himself.

We know he joined the 8th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders in 1915 and stayed with them to the end of the war.

I researched this Battalion and compiled a history, as one had not been written.

I was able to take my mother to France and we visited the sites of every battle they were involved in. As you can imagine, an extremely touching experience.

I then threaded together his personal story from this history; and used every little snippet of information and feelings he let slip over the years; and was able to get background from family members.

The result is a real and touching story of an ordinary soldier.

I must admit it’s a very personal monologue to perform and some of the emotion that shows isn’t always acted.


This Remembrance Sunday I have the privilege of performing The Kilted Tommy at St Mary’s Church, Menai Bridge.


In the audience will be my mother, his daughter.

It’s being performed in the Church, and on the chancel steps where his body was laid out overnight on the eve of his funeral.

How more personal can Remembrance Sunday be for me this year?

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