Historical Interpretation through Drama

Historical Interpretation through drama answers the question ‘What is History?’ from the view of a common man caught up in historic events.

Plays that bring history to life –

I have created so far, several lives that are explored through 45 minute theatrical monologues:

The Kilted Tommya First World War Seaforth Highlander

The Agincourt Archera Fourteenth Century Archer

The Weymouth Pilgrima Pilgrim during the period of the Black Death

An Audience with Mr Charles DickensMeet Mr Dickens and listen to the story of his childhood. Hear about his family, his childhood in Kent, his experiences of school, and of factory work aged 12, and of his family’s stay in the Marshalsea Prison. Find out how he got inspiration for his stories and his characters.

–  Magna Cartaa Baron mixed up in the chaos of the Magna Carta

The Medieval Joust – What happens in a jousting tournament. Hear of the somewhat differing experiences of both the knight and his squire.

Medieval masons – Two different stories of two different masons that you can visit here and here

Adgors Farmhouse – A story about a very fortunate medieval farmer

The Stony Stratford Kidnapping  – A medieval innkeeper witnessing the kidnapping of a king

ST Tysilio – The story of a 6th Century Welsh Saint

Treason in Romsey – The story of a medieval archer caught up in a treason plot before Agincourt

A ghost story – connecting a local country park to its previous identity as a Victorian mansion

– The Quest. What was it really like for a squire to go on a quest with his knight? We find out what gets left out of the fables..

Mercia. Paganism, Christianity and war in northern Mercia in the C7 as seen through the eyes of a young travelling monk

– Stories for children

  • The Battle. A child exploring a castle is transported back into the C15 when the castle is under siege. Find out what its like being in a castle at war, what happens as armour is donned and what happens in a cavalry charge.
  • The Hunt. A child exploring a castle is transported back to the C14. Imagine being one of the lords children. What was life like in a castle, what was the food really like, what was it like to go on a hunt?
  • The Jouster. What is it really like being a medieval jouster? Is the food that good? What’s it like being encased in armour, what’s it really like being on a horse? Does it really hurt being hit? Are the squires as efficient as they should be?
  • Its a Squire’s life. Is a squires life really that good? A day in the life of a harassed squire.
  • The Quest. What was it really like for a squire to go on a quest with his knight? We find out what gets left out of the fables..
  • These can be adapted to fit the castle at which they are being performed

– I am currently working on a story illustrating the Peasant’s Revolt.

– I am a very recent cancer survivor and am writing a story around my experiences that will be informative (vital) but also good humoured and full of life.

Targeted stories that bring history to life –I also research, write and perform stories for particular clients, events, museums, and locations that illustrate the lives of ordinary people connected with those places to better illustrate and explore their histories.

The Stories written so far can be explored under the ‘Latest News’ button above

Lengths can vary subject to requirement.

The Lives and the stories are suitable for performances at, and already have been performed at, Castles, Historic Houses, Theatres, Museums, Churches and tents, and even outdoors under a tree in a nature reserve and in a beautiful country house garden.

They can form part of a larger event and as a standalone historic experience.

They can also form part of an evening entertainment, perhaps with food.


weymouth pilgrim in happy mood

My storytelling tent

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Some comments received  – others can be found here

A recording of the clients introduction to the St Tysilio performance


“A tour de force!” – The Kilted Tommy at Beckenham Festival

“Well researched” – The Kilted Tommy at the Brighton Fringe

“Beautifully performed” – The Kilted Tommy at the Oxford Fringe

“We all really enjoyed your performance and it was great to have you involved in the day. We had lots of lovely praise for your performance from the public ” – The Magna Carta at Beckenham Wordfest

” I particularly loved the chance to sit down in the church and hear the Archer’s Tale – he really brought the experience alive” – The Archers Tale – at Erpingham

“And exceptionally good you are too, Simon Waterfield :)” – Ian Pycroft, Owner – Black Knight Historical (on LinkedIn)

“Simon gave a delightful talk on the construction of our Oriel Windows – an unusual subject and one that I made a point of going to listen to even though I’ve worked at the Castle for a decade! It was incredibly moving to hear a ‘voice from the past’ talking in the present tense about building what we know as ruins. It closed the bridge of time entirely and reminded us that these walls were all put up by skilled craftsmen with families and stories of their own – spine tingling stuff and brilliantly researched.” – Sudeley Castle Event Manager 2016

“Great talk, thanks” – Agincourt Archer – Secretary, LGRA Kent Area

“At last nights Congregational meeting I was asked to write to you to thank you very much for your writing and performance of The Kilted Tommy play on Remembrance Sunday 2016. Everyone who attended was full of praise.” from The Secretary, St Mary’s Church, Menai Bridge.

”  I really loved your presentation in St Mary’s on Remembrance Sunday – it was very well done, and very moving”

“Simon gave us the story of the Stony Stratford kidnapping and successfully conjured up the landlord of the Rose and Crown and the predicament that he found himself in. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening which was a perfect combination of historical fact and storytelling.” Mervyn Duffey, Beckenham Storytelling Circle

Simon has also written a one act play examining the Easter story from the point of view of one of the lesser Disciples and within the context of current events in Israel.

• The script rights for any of the Lives and the Stories can be made available by arrangement.