Mr Charles Dickens

by admin on 15 July 2018

The Rochester Dickens Festival is one of the biggest celebrations of this author in the country.
2018 marked its 40th anniversary.
I was asked to appear as Mr Dickens and to relate stories about his childhood.
Slightly out of my usual character. I have always chosen ‘ordinary’ characters to comment on and illustrate the great and the good.
This time I was to be ‘the subject’. Mannerisms and a ’voice’ would have to be found.
Not only that I would have to find a full outfit.
The research of his life and times was interesting, covering Victorian schools, the Navy, Warrens Blacking Factory and the Marshalsea Prison, not to mention his well-documented life.
The storyline came quite naturally out of his life history.
The outfit from a local theatrical costumier.
His story is at least as interesting and even as disturbing as a lot of his books.
The weekend itself was very good. Lots of interest despite lots of other shows.


2018, the year so far!

by admin on 28 May 2018

The year has started off very well considering.

The Agincourt Archer has had three evening outings, as had the Weymouth Pilgrim and the Kilted Tommy.

One further Weymouth Pilgrim and 6 more Kilted Tommy evening performances are booked so far

I have written and performed a new Templar story about the carpenter who built one of the Templar Barns at Crossing Temple, and performed it in the barn at the International Living History show. The Kilted Tommy also made an appearance there.


I have performed another new story St George and the Dragon for the Gillingham Scouts, an audience of over 500!

I have written and performed stories of Pegasus and Blepharon, and about the Borrowers and Enchanted castles at the Chiltern Open Air museum.

I have written a story of pagans, Christians and war in C7 Mercia and performed it at the Thoresby Historical Bazaar weekend.

I appeared as Mr Charles Dickens at the Rochester Dickens Festival. Under the shadow of the impressive Keep I told tales of my early life and explained where my stories and characters came from. The audiences, young and old were very appreciative.

Being 2018 and the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice, the Kilted Tommy is very popular.
I have 6 further evening performances booked.
He will also be visiting Batemans again for their WW1 weekend where he will be exploring in more detail the life and death of Jack Kipling and meeting Kipling himself after the war to relay news of his son.
Most excitingly he will also be visiting Highclere House for the Heroes weekend. Here a wounded Kilted Tommy talks about being gassed at the same time as an officer and being sent home. The story explores his treatment and his being sent to Highclere House where the officer was sent and describing the somewhat different treatment his officer had in somewhat differing circumstances.



There are more engagements and new stories for later on in the year.
Keep looking for further updates!


Libraries or art galleries?

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Where are the best sources of stories for storytellers? No doubt we each have our favourites. Are they libraries? Or are they in museums? Personally, I find museums can offer more stories than Aesop, Lamb, and all the others put together. All you must do is look for them, winkle them out, and invite them […]

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A storytelling evening

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Kipling and the Kilted Tommy

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Bateman’s is a wonderful house and it was a privilege to take part in their WW1 weekend this year. The Kilted Tommy’s first battle was Loos in September 1915, as it of was John (Jack) Kipling. According to trench maps they were no more than 500 yards apart before the battle. I reasonably amended the […]

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An Agincourt Archer – Treason in Romsey

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There were lots of Archers at Agincourt, at least 3000. My first Archer story looks at a farmer signing up to the army of Henry V and enjoying his journey from Derbyshire to Porchester castle, meeting Chaucer and his pilgrims on the way. My second story looks at a different archer in a different part […]

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Saint Tysilio

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GŴYL TYSILIO FESTIVAL 2017 – programme I will be Actor in Residence for the weekend on the Island and performing my story in the Church on Sunday afternoon Who? Was he martyred? Was he famous? Where is his cathedral? He wasn’t martyred, he isn’t famous, he has no cathedral. He was quietly religious in North […]

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Performances in 2017

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March  – The Agincourt Archer at a private event May 25th, and June 1st and 3rd –  One Man and his Dog at Brighton Fringe June 17th & 18th – The Inkeeper at Milton Keynes Heritage Festival July 1st – The Agincourt Archer at King Johns House, Romsey July 15th and 16th – St Tysilio at […]

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