Magna Carta

Simon has two monologues covering this important event

A rather amusing piece not really heard since the days of music hall, (so not written by Simon!) but still pertinent and historically accurate.

Hear another version of the Magna Carta story as told by the senchal of one of the chief barons in the story.

Was it a triumph for the ordinary Englishman or was it a tool of greedy powerful men that led to one of the greatest calamities the English had ever suffered?

It will take you to London and Wales, and Scotland, and France and Normandy, and the Holy Land, and Essex.

It will take you to castles and great houses, and prisons

You will meet Kings and Lords and Barons and beautiful women, and Robin Hood!

You will experience wars and crusades and marriages and lust and deception and politics and murder and exile.



2015 events
13/14th June 2015 – Kings Lynn

27th and 28th June – Chalke Valley History Festival

11th July – Beckenham WordFest


8th and 9th August – Porchester Castle