The Stoney Stratford Kidnapping

by admin on 10 April 2017

Write something about medieval Milton Keynes……

umm… Wasn’t Milton Keynes only built in 1969?geograph-1258817-by-Malcolm-Campbell


Everywhere has a history.

Everywhere has a story.

Medieval kings processed around the country with an enormous retinue.

Imagine being an innkeeper in a small midlands town who is told the king will be staying for a night in your inn with a retinue of 2000.

How will you be feeling?

Obviously, you can’t accommodate all of them.

You can’t accommodate their 2000 horses in your stable.

You will be imagining how many favours you can extract from other traders in the town by referring business to them.

You will be basking in the attention the town will be paying you and your establishment.

You are imagining all the money that will be made, honestly or otherwise.

You will be imagining your enhanced reputation.

You aren’t expecting the 2nd most powerful man in the country to turn up at the same time.

You aren’t expecting political intrigue

You aren’t expecting arrests that end up in executions

You aren’t expecting a kidnapping that would lead to a mystery that has enthralled the world for 6 centuries.

This is the story of the innkeeper at the Rose and Crown in Stoney Stratford.

For good or ill, the soon to be Edward V and his retinue on the way to London to be crowned, met his uncle, Richard, Duke of Gloucester in this inn.

There, supposedly under the innkeeper’s protection, he was effectively kidnapped by his uncle, separated from his own advisors, and escorted, almost under arrest, into London where he eventually disappeared without trace.

A somewhat overwhelming experience for the innkeeper!

This is being performed for the first time at Milton Keynes Medieval Festival 2017, Stoney Stratford of course being one of the 5 villages forming the basis of modern day Milton Keynes.

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