Reflections on The Kilted Tommy at the Fringe

by admin on 12 June 2015

Some thoughts

First of all what an amazing experience. I’d recommend spending time at any Fringe Festival.

The plethora of shows. The amazing people putting them on. The energy.

Edinburgh is a long way away for some of us but the South East-centric amongst us should visit Brighton Fringe, especially on a Saturday during a Fringe City event. Go online and look at whats on.

As a Fringe virgin I was somewhat overawed at the fact that I was suddenly a Producer.

Zero Mostel impressions aside….

Having to find your own venue; organise your own publicity material; write and send out your own press releases; organise your own tech facilities; be able to get into the venue for each performance within 15 minutes of the previous one vacating, and getting offstage afterwards in the same timescales; tailoring your performance to a stage you had not set foot on before; was all certainly challenging.

The whole thing makes you look at your event in a new light.

Did it need a 150 seat theatre with stage and all facilities, or did it suit a room above a pub with 40 fold up seats?

Was it in fact going to attract enough attention that you could afford the theatre or would your budget only run to a room above a pub.

How many shows, how spaced apart, which days and what time?

Midday midweek isn’t going to get you very far.

Midweek evenings may be a good time for the more serious subjects.

The weekend? Day or evening? Will you be overwhelmed by comedy and kids shows?

Which venues have a history of doing your sort off show?

I was doing a one man show so having a venue that could manage the front of house and tech was vital. Otherwise you need some good friends to come and help!

How much pre-publicity to do, posters, flyering, when do you do them, where do you do them. How do you get there to do them.

How much effort are the Fringe organisers putting into the entire event and how much are you being left to your own devices.

Sponsorship – I was lucky to be sponsored by Plews Garden Design this year. Is there someone who would have the synergy with you to offer you sponsorship?

All have to be thought through and planned for.

Another big question -Why are you doing it and what do you want to get out of it.

Fame and fortune?

There were over 700 other shows going on in Brighton that month.

Getting reviews you can use?

Honing your skills?

Just doing it because you want to and because you can do it.

Most of all you are there to enjoy it.

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