Property Developers.. A recent phenomenon?

by admin on 2 September 2018

Property developers are generally an unloved bunch these days.
Making money from the expanding London property market.
Buying up land, then moving people off the land.
Building extravagant properties.
Tearing down other beautiful buildings for their own ends.
Wanting to make a name for themselves.
Becoming friends with the famous and intellectuals of the age.
A 21st Century phenomenon?
Not at all.
Beckenham has its own 18C property developer and speculator
He made his fortune in timber, sold his business and started making a name for himself, becoming an MP, becoming lord of the Manor,
This all culminated in him building his own country estate in Beckenham
Turning farmland into parkland and building a classic Palladian Mansion.
I have recreated Sir John Cator for the day as he shows the public around his property as part of Open House London

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