Performances in 2017

by admin on 23 February 2017

March  – The Agincourt Archer at a private event

May 25th, and June 1st and 3rd –  One Man and his Dog at Brighton Fringe

June 17th & 18th – The Inkeeper at Milton Keynes Heritage Festival

July 1st – The Agincourt Archer at King Johns House, Romsey

July 15th and 16th – St Tysilio at the St Tysilio Festival, Menai Bridge

August  – The Kilted Tommy at a private event

August 5th and 6th – The Kilted Tommy at Batemans

August 19th and 20th  – The Kilted Tommy and the Agincourt Archer at Hadley Park, Whitchurch

September  – The Kilted Tommy at a private event

October  – The Agincourt Archer at two private events

December – The Agincourt Archer at a private event

2018 – 8 performances booked so far

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