Necessity is the mother of invention

by admin on 16 December 2015

My performances have been done in all sorts of locations so this blog caught my eye immediately.


The actual performance space has ranged

from – the middle of Hereford shopping centre on a busy Saturday afternoon

by way of

  • Portchester Castle
  • The Redoubt Military Fortress on Eastbourne sea front
  • Sheltering under a tree in a bird sanctuary in Norfolk in the wind and rain
  • An afternoon tea party in a National Trust Garden
  • Inside a medieval house
  • 2 churches
  • A tent on a village green
  • A converted Victorian courtroom
  • An upper room in a Georgian town house

to – local 3 community theatres in London, Lowestoft and Lewes

All venues had their challenges.

At Hereford it was avoiding getting drowned out by passing shoppers and attracting their interest

With the other outdoor events, the main problem was sound projection, it being outdoors, and not getting lost in the backdrop of the great outdoors

Each had their own quirks, rain and wind in Norfolk, smoke and a very low headroom door in the medieval house, too big a stage, too small a stage, insufficient lighting, the Fringe performances having a very brief get in and get out time, the village green tent being part of a much bigger event and so a lot of external noise.

Each was a challenge and each had its own pleasures in terms of inventing to overcome hurdles, and in the performance in such unusual spaces.

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