Mr Charles Dickens

by admin on 15 July 2018

The Rochester Dickens Festival is one of the biggest celebrations of this author in the country.
2018 marked its 40th anniversary.
I was asked to appear as Mr Dickens and to relate stories about his childhood.
Slightly out of my usual character. I have always chosen ‘ordinary’ characters to comment on and illustrate the great and the good.
This time I was to be ‘the subject’. Mannerisms and a ’voice’ would have to be found.
Not only that I would have to find a full outfit.
The research of his life and times was interesting, covering Victorian schools, the Navy, Warrens Blacking Factory and the Marshalsea Prison, not to mention his well-documented life.
The storyline came quite naturally out of his life history.
The outfit from a local theatrical costumier.
His story is at least as interesting and even as disturbing as a lot of his books.
The weekend itself was very good. Lots of interest despite lots of other shows.

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