An Agincourt Archer – Treason in Romsey

by admin on 10 April 2017

There were lots of Archers at Agincourt, at least 3000.

My first Archer story looks at a farmer signing up to the army of Henry V and enjoying his journey from Derbyshire to Porchester castle, meeting Chaucer and his pilgrims on the way.

My second story looks at a different archer in a different part of the country.

This one journeys straight to Romsey where his company are left for a couple of weeks before embarking with the King at Portsmouth.

Here the men get restless, breaking into the local Abbey cellars, drinking in Romsey at the house that has come to be known as King Johns House.


Here his Lord gets mixed up in a political plot to usurp the throne and have him installed instead.

Some of the conspirators are executed.

A somewhat exciting and dangerous time for them all. Certainly not something a simple farmer and archer had any concept of getting involved in.  


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