1st post of 2017, and a reflection on what I am about

by admin on 2 January 2017

We all like marvelling at beautifully ruined churches and dramatic castles and soaking in their history. They are evocative, due to their size and appearance alone.

But do we take much notice of ruins like these on our walks in the country?








Half a wall, a pile of stones, nothing to really indicate what used to be there. Do they deserve our interest?

Well, people used to live there.

Someone built that cottage, a couple lived in it, they made love there, babies were born and children grew up there.

They were warm there in the summer and cold there in winter, huddling around the remains of that fireplace.

They celebrated there and they laughed and cried there.

They earned a living from the land around.

They went on journeys from there and had homecomings there too.

They grew old there.

They died there.

The chances are the same things happened for generations until something happened that made the cottage impossible to live in.

Something personal, or something economic, or both and it was deserted.

But they left their mark, the cottage itself, some names in an old census document, or a Court Rolls.

They may not have left a history as a king leaves a history, but there is a story to their lives as surely as a king has a story.

That’s what I at Historical Interpretation aim to do.

Find and write and tell that story from their point of view.

To illustrate history as it happened to the ordinary person.

2017 brings new opportunities

I already have bookings for some of my current stories, to be tweaked to give relevance to the new place and event where the performance will happen.

I have new commissions too.

‘Do a piece on medieval Milton Keynes’. Easier said than done bearing in mind it wasn’t built till 1967…

Doing a piece on medieval Romsey will be a bit more straightforward. Well I hope so anyway..

I’m even discussing the possibility of exploring a C6 welsh saint’s life.


More detail to follow!!

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