The Weymouth Pilgrim

weymouth pilgrim - BW


The Weymouth Pilgrim monologue relates the story of a local boy joining the retinue of a local Lord, and experiencing some battles at the beginning of the Hundred Years War, the start of the Black Death in England and a pilgrimage to atone for perceived sins.
Spoken and acted in a way to include the audience in his reminiscence, the archer tells of his experiences of life, death, war and pestilence, through describing:-
• Weymouth in the1340s;
• His going to France as a soldier and archer, experiencing the Siege of Caen and the Siege of Calais at the start of what we know to be the Hundred Years War;
• The first outbreak of the Black Death in England in 1348 and what it did to the population and countryside;
• A Pilgrimage to Santiago di Compostella to atone for his ‘sins’.
By prior arrangement this story can be re-written to cover a locality of your choice and include local historical characters to make the presentation more specific to your event.
It was commissioned by and written for the Weymouth History Festival 2012
Also performed at Beckenham Theatre Centre, November 2013.

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Thank you so much for entertaining us so royally with your talk on being a pilgrim at the time of the black death. I think it was very well received, and I am grateful to you. Hon. Secretary, Friends of Nonsuch.